A frightened ρregnаnt Pitbull refuses tσ mаƙe eye cσntаct with her fσster mσther аnd ƙeeρs her ρuρρies clσse

When a pregnant Pitbull was rescued from the streets, she was extremely frightened and nervous. The animal welfare

organization placed her in a foster home where she could safely give birth to her puppies. However, the dog remained timid and wouldn’t even look at her foster mother. She would keep her puppies close to her, not allowing anyone to come near them.

Despite the foster mother’s gentle approach, the pregnant dog seemed to be constantly on guard, always wary of any movements around her. She wouldn’t even eat in front of the foster mother.

Days went by, and the puppies grew healthier and stronger. Still, the Pitbull remained distant and aloof. The foster mother tried to give her space and let her

take things at her own pace. Slowly but surely, the Pitbull began to open up. She started to look at her foster mother in the eyes and allowed her to

come closer to her and her puppies. The foster mother could see the trust building up between them. Over time, the Pitbull became more comfortable

and relaxed in her foster home. She even started to show affection towards her foster mother, wagging her tail and nuzzling her head against her hand.

Eventually, the puppies grew up and found their forever homes. The Pitbull was adopted by a loving family who could give her the care and attention she needed. The foster mother was sad to say goodbye, but she knew that the Pitbull

would be well taken care of. It was a long journey, but the Pitbull had finally learned to trust again, and it was all thanks to the patience and kindness of her foster mother.

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