A young horse in a state of panic as it watches the tide approaching, after its mother becomes badly entangled and falls

The young horse stood frozen, its eyes wide with fear, as it watched the tide slowly creeping closer and closer.

The sound of the crashing waves seemed to mock him as he stood there, unable to move. His mother had become badly entangled in some debris on the beach and had fallen,

leaving him all alone and scared. The foal had never been away from his mother for more than a few minutes at a time, and the thought of being without her was terrifying.

As the tide began to lap at his hooves, the foal let out a panicked whinny. He didn’t know what to do or where to go. All he knew was that he needed his mother and he needed her now.

In the distance, a group of beachgoers noticed the commotion and rushed over to see what was happening. They quickly assessed the situation and realized that the foal was in danger of being swept away by the rising tide.

Without a moment’s hesitation, they sprang into action. One person carefully approached the foal, speaking to him in a soothing voice and stroking his neck to calm him down. Meanwhile, another

person worked to free the entangled mare from the debris, all the while trying not to alarm her further. As the mare was finally freed and helped back up onto her feet,

the foal immediately ran to her side, nuzzling her and whinnying in relief. The group of beachgoers watched on, happy to have helped reunite the mother and her young one.

The mare and her foal trotted off into the distance, the mare taking careful steps to ensure that the foal could keep up. The beachgoers watched them go, smiling and feeling a sense of warmth in their hearts.

For the young horse, the experience had been a scary one, but it had also shown him that there are kind people in the world who are willing to help when they’re needed. And for that, he was grateful.

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