After witnessing his mσm being crushed by а cаr, the ρuρρy buried his fаce in deniаl

Once there was a young puppy named Milo, who lived happily with his mom in a cozy little house on the edge of town.

Milo’s mom was his best friend and constant companion, and the two of them spent their days playing, exploring the neighborhood, and snuggling up together at night.

One day, while out for a walk, Milo and his mom were crossing the street when suddenly a car appeared out of nowhere and struck his mom, crushing her under its wheels. Milo watched in horror as his beloved mom lay motionless on the pavement, and he felt a deep sense of sadness and loss.

As the hours and days passed, Milo struggled to come to terms with what had happened. He knew that his mom was gone, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to accept it. Whenever he thought about her, he would bury his face

in denial, refusing to believe that she was really gone. Milo’s behavior worried his human family, who knew how much he had loved his mom. They tried everything they could think of to help

him, from offering him extra treats and toys to taking him on long walks and playing with him more often. But nothing seemed to shake him out of his grief and denial.

It wasn’t until one day, when Milo was out on a walk with his human family, that he finally began to come to terms with what had happened. As they were passing by the spot where his mom had

been hit, Milo suddenly stopped in his tracks and sniffed the ground. He could still smell her scent there, and for a moment he felt as if she were right beside him.

Then, slowly but surely, Milo began to accept that his mom was gone. He lifted his head from the ground and looked up at his humans, his eyes full of sadness and understanding. From that day

forward, he no longer buried his face in denial whenever he thought of his mom, but instead held her memory close to his heart and cherished the time they had spent together.

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