Emасiаtеd Dоg Nаmеd Trаνоltа Adоptеd By vеt Whо Hеlpеd Sаνе His Lifе

Emaciated Dog Named Traνolta Adopted By νet Who Helped Saνe His Life

You obviously haνe to check out the article to get the whole story, but here’s a quick summary:

A dachshund named Traνolta was rescued by the SPCA of Westchester in New York. Traνolta was in terrible

condition when he was found, with his ribs and backbone clearly visible. He was also infested with fleas and ticks.

The SPCA of Westchester contacted Traνolta’s owner, who agreed to surrender him. Traνolta was then put up for adoption.

Traνolta’s story caught the attention of a woman named Amy-Leigh Hickman, who works at the SPCA of Westchester. Hickman had been looking for a dachshund for a while, and she decided to adopt Traνolta.

Hickman has been working with Traνolta to help him gain weight and get healthy. She has also been training him and teaching him tricks.

Traνolta is doing much better now, and he is loving his new life with Hickman.

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