The cyclist tаkes in а ρuρρy discσvered σn the rσаd аnd trаnsρσrts the tiny creаture hσme in his ρσcket

John was an avid cyclist who loved to ride through the countryside on his weekends. He enjoyed the fresh air,

the beautiful scenery, and the freedom of the open road. One sunny day, as he was riding along a winding country lane, he spotted something moving in the grass at the side of the road.

Curious, he dismounted his bike and walked over to investigate. There, nestled in the grass, was a tiny puppy, no more than a few weeks old. The little creature looked up at John with big, pleading eyes,

and John knew he couldn’t leave him there alone. Without a second thought, John scooped up the puppy and placed him gently in his pocket. The little guy was so small he fit perfectly, and John could feel his tiny body wriggling around, but he held him close to keep him safe.

As he rode home, John felt a sense of responsibility wash over him. He knew he couldn’t just abandon this helpless puppy, and so he decided to take him

in as his own. He named him Lucky, and Lucky quickly became John’s constant companion, joining him on his cycling trips and keeping him company on his long rides.

Despite the challenges of raising a young puppy, John was determined to give Lucky the best life possible. He trained him well, teaching him to sit, stay, and come when called. And Lucky, for his part, was a fast learner, eager to please his new master.

Years went by, and John and Lucky became inseparable. They rode thousands of miles together, exploring new routes and enjoying each other’s company.

And every time John looked down at the little dog in his pocket, he knew that he had made the right choice in taking him home that fateful day on the road.

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